Aquasafe ro water purifier ( ro+uv+tds)

RO full form is Reverse Osmosis. In RO water purifier, it passes water through the pump to increase water pressure then pass that pressured water through RO membrane semi permeable. During this process dissolved solids and TDS present in water are eliminated. RO water purifier converts hard water to soft water.

The disadvantage of RO water purifier is it produce a lot of waste water.

aquasafe ro water purifier ( ro+uv+tds)

UV water purifier uses UV radiations to kill contaminants, microorganisms. Treating water passes through the UV radiation source tube and exposes water to UV radiation.

UV water purifier is advisable to use with soft water which has contaminants. UF full form is Ultra filtration. UF water purifier contain hollow fiber threaded membrane. UF removes dispersed material, suspended solids, and other large molecular weight materials from water which are harmful to human health. UF water purifiers are works without electricity.

TDS full form is Total dissolved solids. Minerals, salts or dissolved metals such as calcium, chloride, nitrate, ironsulfur and some organic matter that dissolved in water commonly referred as TDS. TDS expressed in terms in milligrams mg per liter of water, also referred in parts per million ppm. Preence of TDS in water will affect the water taste. If you are not sure of the water hardness you can test it with the small devise called TDS meter. It's the smart way to select the products without reading buying guides Install the Android App now.

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AquaGuard Reviva RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier

Money Back Guarantee. Best Online Support. Exciting Offers. SS Water Storage Tanks. The tanks that we produce are cost-ef. View All. Add to wishlist. RO Water Treatment Plants. Water Purifiers.Water is life-giving but the water we drink is filled with contaminants.

Heavy metals, toxic substances and a high TDS total dissolved solids value makes it unsuitable for consumption. The most popular type of water purifiers available in the market include RO reverse osmosis and UV ultraviolet. In this form of water purification the process of osmosis causes the water molecules to pass through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure.

This method of filtration removes maximum dissolved salts, large particles, impurities and bacteria from the water and converts the hard water into soft water. The water passes through a UV light source in this method.

The UV light attacks the genetic core of bacteria and removes it. Curtains vs. Blinds: Which is better? Home Lifestyle Technology. RO vs UV: Which water purifier is better? Life without a water purifier is unthinkable! Pooja Khanna Tyagi. Published: Jan 11, IST. Make an informed choice before purchasing a water purifier. These contraptions help remove bacteria, mud, and metals from the water RO reverse osmosis Water Purifier In this form of water purification the process of osmosis causes the water molecules to pass through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure.

Pros RO water is very hygienic because it is free from impurities and the water is filtered only after all the microorganisms are removed. RO water purifiers are effective in removing heavy metals, dissolved salts and reduce the TDS value of the water. Additionally, this water purifier filters both suspended and visible impurities and is also effective in purifying muddy water.

Cons RO requires electricity to increase the water pressure so that the water can pass through the semi-permeable membrane. Since these contraptions eliminate contaminated water at every stage of purification, it results in a lot of water wastage. As per studies an RO purifier not only removes impurities but also removes essential minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium from the water.

Therefore it is advisable to go for a system with RO and Mineral fortification technology that adds back all the good minerals. Pros UV water filters can work with normal water pressure. It is effective in disinfecting the water by removing invisible bacteria.

Here there is no wastage of water. There is no change in the taste of water. Cons The biggest drawback is that although all the bacteria is killed the dead microorganisms remain in the water. If the water is muddy and has a high degree of sedimentation, then the UV water purifier is not effective in disinfecting the water.This RO purifier purifies water with its 9 stage purification process to gives you pure water to drink.

The taste enhancer feature of this water purifier makes it unique and best water purifier in India.

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Best Price. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon. Stage 2: Chemi-Block Reduces excess Chlorine and organic impurities, also absorbs bad taste and odour from water.

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Stage 3: Mineral Guard Prevents the deposition of dissolved minerals like Calcium and Magnesium on the Quartz Tube of UV chamber, thus enhancing the availability of minerals in the water. Apart from the TDS, the RO membrane also gets rid of hardness, pesticides and heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury. Eliminates microorganisms like Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa and Cysts.

Stage 5: Membrane Life Enhancer Prevents scaling of dissolved salts on the surface of the membrane, thereby enhancing the membrane life and performance. Stage 6: E-Boiling UV disinfects the water by eliminating waterborne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa, thereby making the water safe to drink. Stage 7: Taste Enhancer Cartridge Removes residual inorganic impurities and enhances the organic taste of water.

The carbon polishes the water, giving it a sparkling look, making it pure and great to taste. Stage 9: Biotron Cartridge Breaks complex water molecules into fine micro-clusters, making water more bio-permeable so that your body can easily absorb the goodness of water, along with its much-needed nutrients.

aquasafe ro water purifier ( ro+uv+tds)

Watch this video to know how your Aquaguard Revia water purifier filters water and give you pure water to drink. Please leave a comment below or share your love. TDS comes to very low ie below 50, which creates mineral deficiency. Service engineers cannot improve it. Inspite of AMC, service engineers avoid attending, as they are unable to correct it. Service engineers do not attend calls.

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I will not recommend purchasing, as their maintenance service is poor. Even their area managers are helpless. It is possible but it would require the help of a trained professional.

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You will also have to check if there is enough space inside the water purifier case for installing a UV chamber. I shifted to my new rented house.Drinking clean water is imperative to good health. Given the widespread pollution of water bodies, and ageing distribution pipelines in most cities, tap water is no longer a reliable source of water.

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This may result in contaminated supplies which cause water borne diseases such as typhoid, gastroenteritis, hepatitis and cholera. Therefore, purifying the water prior to use is recommended for every household in India.

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Advances in technology have made purification relatively easy and convenient vs. Today, water purifiers have become a necessity for every household. All water purifiers have their own USPs and all claim to give the best water quality. Hence the task of picking the best water purifier for home can leave you baffled. Knowing which one will work for you, depends on numerous factors, the main one being the source of your drinking water.

The type of impurities in your water will point to choosing the right purification technology. Are microorganisms bacteria, viruses and cysts the main problem, or does the water have a high level of dissolved impurities like iron, fluoride, calcium, magnesium?

When these questions are answered, one normally decides which technology to choose. One key way to determine which types of impurities are predominant is to see where the water comes from. Is it supplied by the municipal corporation? Or is it distributed by private tankers or from borewells? Chances are that water treated by the municipal corporation in your town or city comes from surface sources, e. This is a serious misconception.

Now, before we delve deeper into which water purifier is right for you, let us first understand the basics of water purification technology. Using a RO purifier for water with a low TDS to begin with often strips away minerals like calcium and magnesium, leaving water with extremely low TDS levels, which may not be best either from the taste or health point of view.

This puts a strain on our already scarce water resources. UV purification or disinfection is the best option for water with a low TDS to get rid of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and cysts without removing essential minerals that are in your drinking water. UV purification is the most eco-friendly way to purify water because it does not add any chemicals to your water and it does not waste any water.

However, if your water is groundwater supplied by tankers, there may be a higher level of dissolved impurities, altering the taste of the water and at higher levels of TDS over ppm may affect your long term health.

If the TDS is lower than ppm, then a well-designed UV water purifier will be effective in purifying the water.

RO, UV, UF and TDS meaning

R0 Reverse Osmosis water purification systems waste a large portion of the water that runs through its system. Using a RO water purifier for low TDS input water, say less than ppm, may be detrimental to your health in the long run, as the water is stripped of essential minerals and salts. UV water purifier kills bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved impurities such as pesticides, rust, arsenic, fluoride etc. It does not convert hard water to sweet, soft water.

With jargon being thrown, you need to check the meaning and implications of this technology. Some of these are unnecessary and increase the cost of the equipment and maintenance, without adding any real value.

This is done so that you are not drinking water with very low TDS. So the question is: did you need to use an RO purifier in the first place?Take your chance and make right decision with our football predictions for today.

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aquasafe ro water purifier ( ro+uv+tds)

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Aquasafe RO Water Purifier ( RO UV TDS)

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